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Call to arms, fides infinitum #Anonymous

The freedoms of the internet are under assault by our own ignorance and those who chose to exploit this ignorance. Governments around the world are becoming increasingly oppressive of our online activities. We’ve seen laws like the CFAA law in America that was written in the eighties and has no impact or relevance to our internet, destroy the lives of young geniuses and their families. The United States Government doesn’t stop there they use this CFAA law to prosecute globally by exploiting extradition treaties in conjunction with the CFAA law. A perfect example of this is the grotesque extradition order that was signed for Lauri Alexander Love.

Where does this end with another suicide? With the world losing another irreplaceable mind like Aaron Swartz? If you look at the recent events in last ten years involving the relentless crusade to quiet information seekers, truth revealers’, corporate squealers, hackers, activist, and Hacktivist. You have to be alarmed and if you aren’t then you have Stockholm Syndrome. I have screamed from the rooftops for years that this is not justice or peace nor even a sliver of liberty it’s information tyrants hellbent on keeping us aimless plastic bags aloft in their propagandist bliss. I refuse to be silent anymore, I refuse to be afraid and I refuse to be a target. You gave us technology, just because we know how to use it better than you do, please don’t be mad at us. You love collecting evidence and building cases against innocent people whilst the real truly heinous offenders are given proverbial slaps on the wrist or their given treatment. In a hacker or activist’s case you cant offer treatment because you’ve never quite understood who we are and this is by far is the most frightening thought each and every one of you alphabet agencies ponder each day and your solution is oppression. The unknown is the uncontrolled and the uncontrolled are an obviously risk to your control, does that frighten you? Of course it does. We will not be lured like fish into your BOP fish tanks nor will we allow Lauri Love to extradited to the United States, we will not stand idly by and let you hide your heinous acts of torture, we will not sit idly by as you crucify our geeks or watch as the United States government destroys another family’s life, WE the People have had enough! This is not about what your political views are, these are human beings most them smarter than you or I but they would never boast about that. In the name of liberty and humanity we must stand together as one collective with one mission to demand the CFAA law be amended and to remind the powers that be that this is #OurInternet.

A global protest is being planned do you want to be apart of it?

Do you believe #OurInternet is at risk?

Do you believe Aarons Law should be passed?

Do you support Internet Privacy?

Do you condemn the Extradition of Lauri Alexander Love?

Do you support #FreeAnons?

Then please contact our twitters @Dapeaple, @AaronsLaw2017 @OpStandUp2CFAA

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We the people

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Deserve nothing less than


ShapeShift’s Memorial Day Miracle

How ShapeShift’s team saved a family’s Memorial Day road trip

A young crypto trader by the name of Zaybian just convinced his parents two weeks prior to allow him to put some of his savings into cryptocurrencies, Zaybian was doing well and turned a 100 dollar investment into 173 dollars in those two weeks not bad for a 14-year-old. But on this fateful day, Zaybian would make the biggest mistake of his young crypto life, he traded to a coin called Shadow Cash 62 USD worth of DGB’s to be exchanged for 51 SDC’s good trade? Zaybian assumed all was well and went on to enter this new coin into his portfolio and that is when he noticed that his 62 USD in DGB was converted into 51 SDC’s about a value of $5.81. huhhhhhhhh

Zaybian immediately contacted Coinomi Support who in turn ask him to contact ShapeShift. He filled out ShapeShifts support form and waited….this is not what he did see my kid brother can be relentless at times, I personally love his relentlessness Coinomi and ShapeShift got the brunt end of what Zaybian calls rage tweets until ShapeShift reached out to his handle and asked him to DM them. It’s important to know that Zaybian is autistic something he doesn’t understand can be incredibly catastrophic, something small to you or me can weigh very heavy on a kid like him. I received multiple texts from Zaybian, he was in hysterics rapidly texting me so I called my dad and confirmed what I already thought our family’s annual memorial day road trip to Six Flags was in jeopardy, Zaybian himself admits it was a “code red”.

It was less than an hour later when Zay texted me and said ShapeShift was returning his DGB’s and at the price, DGB was when the error occurred, he was ecstatic as were my seven other siblings who were currently at the whims of a “code red”. At this point, ShapeShift has already saved the day once and the annual road trip resumed as normal.

Then my phone rings and I see it’s Zaybian two things are weird, first, it’s 2 am for me and second Zaybian wouldn’t call the president if he was asked to, it’s not his thing to call anyone. I answer and hear “my money is gone” I asked him what he meant he began to tell me that ShapeShift had emailed him and said, in fact, it was not an error on their end it was an error on his end and he has to be careful and research a coin before trading into it. If Zay had researched he would have known that Shadow Cash is slowly but surely becoming a shadow itself and the devs have abandoned the project. Turns out ShapeShifts conversion was 100% accurate and because the coin has no liquidity Zaybian’s 4800 DGB’s were only worth 51 SDC’s to put that in perspective 51 SDC = $5.81 and falling, 4800 DGB = $92.00 and climbing, SDC was a dead coin the fear of almost any crypto investor.

If Zaybian was in rage tweet mode earlier than he was in text/email rage mode now, ShapeShift was 100% right, but Zay felt very wronged and worst he felt he failed he lost more than half of his portfolio he voiced his concerns in Direct Massages to @ShapeShift.io and got the greatest HOWEVER of his life.broski (2)


The fact is that ShapeShift didn’t have to do this, who I will call the “ShapeShift Saint” could have just as easily not helped my kid brother this was his fault after all, but they didn’t they showed true class and heart. That wasn’t customer service, customer service was put aside for a moment that was a person to person or in this instance ShapeShift Saint to child moment that touched my heart. This Shape Shifting Saint had no idea of Zaybian’s autism, the family road trip or code red number one and two. This moment is an example of why ShapeShift is in a class of their own not only in being one of the most reliable exchanges in the world but being experts at putting their feet in their customer’s shoes. Your team saved our family’s annual Memorial Day weekend road trip to Six Flag’s and you did with pure class, from the entire family thank you ShapeShift team!!!

The Shape Shifting Saint was not done they, bless their heart offered to send Zaybian official ShapeShift socks which absolutely sent him through the roof because Zaybian has what I call Sock Swagger. Once again the ShapeShifting Saint went above and beyond what their job title was, that’s not only admirable it should be a training piece on how to bring peoples feelings back into the realm of customer service what the ShapeShifting Saint has done is simply honorable I wish nothing but the best for ShapeShift and I’m sure they will continue providing the best exchange for us.


By @dapeaple

The Lauri Love Files Part 2

To Lauri with Love…

I was really humbled, when I was asked to write the follow up to Lauri Love pt.1. It’s been a joy getting to know him and the people running his campaign. I say this with all sincerity.  I’m a tad biased at this point, especially after reading the reams of legal documents in front of me. I want, you, the reader to make up your own mind. The only way for me to do that is try to put together a time line of events according to the indictments and the request for extradition. I will try and be as concise as I can. I will warn you its heavy reading. I just want to try and weed through the nonsense and stick with the facts, I could find. Basically everything in the three indictments; Southern District of New York, District of New Jersey, Eastern District of Virginia, and the extradition request. I want you to form your own opinion. Please bear with me I’m trying to do this is pieces so you are not as overwhelmed as I am.

All the allegations against Lauri Love took place between October 2012 and October 2013. I want to give a clearer time line then I have yet to see in Lauri’s case. I will start with allegations laid out in the three indictments. The Southern District of New York alleges Lauri used five different alias in IRC;  ‘nsh’,’peace’,’shift’,’route’, and ‘Smedley Butler’. The US District Court of New Jersey only lists three of the alias’; ‘nsh’,’route’, ‘peace’. The US Eastern District court of Virginia lists four alias’; ‘nsh’, ‘route’, ‘peace’,’shift’. I’m fraught to even bring this up, since much of the indictments refer back to chat room antics, I feel like I need to.

As  a reminder before this gets deep the alleged charges. In the Southern District of New York we have 2 counts, computer hacking and aggravated identity theft from The Federal Reserve. Before you freak out on me, this how New York does things, under seal,  basically the applicable laws are a footnote, yes it’s the usual cast of characters. The US district court of New Jersey, again different, it says 2 counts as well except listed under Count 1 are actually; The Engineer R&D Center Army Corps. of Engineers in Vicksburg Mississippi, The PAIO at  Aberdeen Proving Ground,Maryland, The Strategic Studies Institute, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, NETCOM Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, Army Contracting Command Redstone, Alabama, The Missile Defense Agency, The FedCenter in conjunction with the EPA-OECA, & NASA. The US District Court of Eastern District of Virginia, 9 counts, Dept. of Health and Human Services, National Institute of Health, The FDA, The Regional Computer Forensic Lab of the FBI, The Department of Energy, Deltek, Inc., Forte, Inc, and victims D.P., J.E, B.H., J.K residents of the Eastern District of Virginia.

If you feel like you suddenly been transported into a John Grishman novel… Wake up!!! There’s more!!!

Since not all the allegations are dated, some of the them actaully refer back to IRC Chat. If there wasn’t a date, I had to refer to the IRC dates. Something I have struggled with and I refuse to get into. It’s IRC. We all the know the bravado, the trolls, the idiot kids that can randomly stumble in, it’s IRC. For the true tech people out there, this all seems to stem from an Adobe Program Cold Fusion. I am not a tech person and really don’t know what vulnerabilities the system was too known to have had at the time this is alleged to have happened.

Now for the timeline which all took place between October 2012 through October 2013. From I can piece together from the indictments here’s the list :

October 2 2012 through October 9 2012 :

Southern District Court NY: The Federal Reserve NY and IL

District Court of NJ: Engineer R&D Center

Netcom & Ft. Monmouth NJ

Army Contracting Command  Alabama

Army Corps MD

Plans & Analysis Integration Office MD

Missile Defense Agency

*** Eastern District Court of Va is vague on dates and any exact dates are from IRC. There is also a chart listed under count 2-7 with Dates. I am going to use that chart for VA.

   The Department of Health and Human Services including HRSA, NIH,& FDA

United States Sentencing Commission

The Regional Computer Forensics Lab

Department of Energy

Deltek, INC ( government contractor)

Forte Interactive, IN ( government contractor)

The 4 victims : D.P., J.E, B.H, and J.K

Now it starts to pick up again in December of 2012 through Feb 2013:

December 23 2012 – January 3, 2012:  

DIstrict Court of NJ:Engineer R&D Center Morris County, NJ & Parsippany, NJ

December 24 2012: 

Eastern District Court of VA:

US. Dept. of Health & Human Services

December 25 2012:

Eastern District Court of VA

United States Sentencing Commission

January 3, 2013:

District Court of NJ:  The Fed Center EPA-OCEA

January 11, 2013: 

District Court Of NJ:

Strategic Studies Institute

Eastern District Court of VA:

FBI-Regional Computer Forensics Lab

Hopefully you can follow this and hopefully you are all still with me because this isn’t over yet. This is just information from the indictments. Now comes a really big gap in dates. All of the sudden we are in July 2013.

July 3 2013:

Eastern District Court of VA:

Deltek, INC. ( Government IT Contractor)

The 4 victims D.P, J.E., B.H., and J.K

July 10, 2013:

District Court of NJ:


July 24, 2013:

US Department of Energy

August 14,2013:

Forte Interactive (Government Contractor)

I will say there’s so much more if you read through indictments on you own. I’m just trying to bring some order to the chaos. Hopefully I did with just sticking to the dates and the alleged agency’s involved. Our government alleges that these attacks dumped hundreds of thousands documents, personnel files and credit card information. Inserting backdoor, the list is just never-ending. Which most of the “data dump” is too have take place in 7 days by one person on a couple of laptops. I used to be gamer, I’ve built my own machines for gaming, this just seems inhumanly possible, for one person to have done. Ok maybe the IBM Chess computer.

This person is Lauri Love. A 32-year-old man, with severe health issues, with Aspergers Syndrome and depression. This is just not a man with depression but According to Professor Michael Kopelman testimony in the extradition “..Mr. Love was on the verge of psychosis and was clinically depressed,” This is when he was examined in 2012. Professor Kopelman went on to say Mr. Love continues to describe features of depression and the hallucinations to kill himself. This sound like someone capable of doing this? This is just a couple of words from one of the doctors who testified. Even our prison Doctors are against this extradition, we have no one who can care for someone with AS. Lauri will be put in solitary on suicide watch with another prisoner guarding him from killing himself. He couldn’t handle going away to university, his father had to go retrieve him for fear of killing himself.

The assurances made by our Government as to his safety and the steps that would be taken to ensure he was cared for, won the day. The cost of having the trial in the U.K. seemed to outweighs Lauri’s fragility. The rule of speedy trail was in there but we all know the dockets are so full that never happens, with the current charges in 3 states, how can it.

Lauri will be the first person from the U.K. ever extradited under the 1990 law. 114 MP’s signed a petition to President Obama calling for the end to this extradition. Yet, it’s still been signed off on, by Amber Rudd MP. Lauri faces no charges in the U.K., in fact all evidence collected by the authorities has been returned except one laptop, they can’t break the encryption on.

I know the law is supposed to be fair and just. I cannot for the life of me find the justice in this.


We the people Exuding free speech Deserve nothing less than Altruism


Source: The Lauri Love Files Part 2

The Lauri Love Files, Part 1

Dana J. Boente, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia; Valerie Parlave, Assistant Director in Charge of the FBI’s Washington Field Office; John R. Hartman, Deputy Inspector General for Investigations at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE); and Stephen Niemczak, Special Agent in Charge, Computer Crimes Unit at the Office of Inspector General, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), FBI’s Washington Field Office, in conjunction with the Inspectors General for the United States Department of Energy, United States Department of Health and Human Services, and the United States Postal Service. Assistant U.S. Attorneys Ryan K. Dickey and Jay V. Prabhu are prosecuting the case.


Lauri Alexander Love


<0> <0>

Part 1.0

The United States is seeking to extradite Lauri Alexander Love due to indictments in three different American states New Jersey, Virginia and New York for hacking and computer fruad among other charges.

Court papers go on to refer to Lauri Love as a “sophisticated hacker”. This is the United States Department of Justice trying to paint a picture of Lauri Love that is not reality, repeatedly throughout court papers we researched the United States government sought to do nothing else but to destroy Lauri Love’s chracter and demonize him.

The DOJ also criticized Lauri Love and his family for amping up online support against his extradition. The DOJ also is refusing to allow Lauri Love any discoveries involving his case. This is a grotesque violation of his civil rights and extraditing him to the United States to face charges will only exasperate the constitutional infractions and trample all over his rights as a human nevermind what country he’s from or citizenship he ordains that’s irrelevant.

Prisons in the United States whether state or Federal hassle attorney’s upon visitation and they do have law libraries but these are often backed up due to high volume of request or lack of having the staff which is why if extradited to the United States Lauri Love will not be awarded a fair and equal trial, in fact he faces the very opposite. He is not even in the United States yet and already they are violating his civil rights, what do you think will happen when he is in U.S. costody?

One of the bars that has to be considered by a judge ruling on an extradition is whether or not the reasons the country seeking the extradition are otherwise motivated as in is this a proverbial witch hunt or is the United States extraditing Lauri Love for the proper reasons. Let me state clearly; I don’t think a judge in any country prisiding over any rule of law cannot conclude that this extradition is improperly motivated, the only explanation is corruption.

Lauri Love did not intend to inflict on the American public or our government any actual harm surely if he did have ill intentions he would have acted on them. If he is this cyber terrorist the United States Justice Department is trying to paint him as then where are the terroristic cyber hacks? The man was inside the United States Missle Defense System and did nothing but we are supposed to believe he is some governmentally proclaimed enemy of the state?

U.S. Attorney Fishman. “As part of their alleged scheme, they stole military data and personal identifying information belonging to servicemen and women. Such conduct endangers the security of our country and is an affront to those who serve.”

U.S. Attorney Fishman, did Lauri Love release the names of any servicemen or women? Were any United States servicemen or women harmed or put in actual danger by Mr. Love’s actions? The only real crime is if Lauri Love where to actually release the data the United States Justice Department wants us to believe he stole. To say Lauri Love put the lives of service men and women in any danger whatsoever is not only hearsay, but it’s complete and utter propaganda spewed by Mr. Fishman to further demonize Lauri Love into this criminal figure or sophisticated computer hacker as (he) likes to say.

“The borderless nature of Internet-based crime underscores the need for robust law enforcement alliances across the globe. We appreciate the bilateral support of the National Crime Agency in bringing cyber criminals.” said Daniel Andrews, director of the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command’s Computer Crime Investigative Unit.” This investigation shows the necessity and value of strong partnerships among law enforcement agencies worldwide in the fight against cyber criminals,” said FBI Special Agent in Charge Aaron T. Ford. “Cybercrime knows no boundaries, and without international collaboration, our efforts to dismantle these operations would be impossible.”

No gentlemen what all this sounds like is empirical New World Order, an all seeing cohesive international eye monitoring our online activities and then throwing the legendary wolf in a sheep mask wearing a black robe disguised as the United States Department of Justice at you and your left with no option, but to subdue to their demands plea bargain down and pray your not sentenced to a century.

This is not law and order, this is not liberty nor peace or freedom of speech, this is unconstitutional and couldn’t be further from justice. These are un-American acts grotesquely perpetrated by pure totalitarianism and the heavy hand of the American Judicial System and their pursuit to tyranny. We as United States citizens cannot continue to allow our countries Federal governmental agencies to continue their empirically motivated modern day crusade against our geniuses just because they point out flaws in our national security or because they make our government look fuckin stupid, you mad bro?

I find it extremely unsettling that the United States government wants to talk an awful lot about the data Lauri Love allegedly stole except for when it comes to the data involving research institutions.

We must stand up against this extradition and stop letting our Nations leaders give all Americans a bad name. Are we empirical beings? Do we not believe in real justice? Are we totalitarians hell bent on tyranny? No. We are not, then why should we allow our government to be tyrants in our name and on our dollar?



Edited by @Dapeaple


Source: The Lauri Love Files, Part 1

#Justice4Adrian TweetStorm Happening now!!!

#Justice4Adrian Tweetstorm!
When:May 20th, 2017
Time: 2-4 p.m. EST
Contacts:Twitter @firemanjohn628 @OpenThePrimary @PGHowie1
Purpose of Tweetstorm:
To reach out and bring awareness to #NationalMissingChildrensDay and the case of Adrian Jones #Justice4Adrian He’s known across the Kansas City metro as the boy who was fed to pigs.To Judy Conway, Adrian Jones was her grandson.
Officers found Conway’s 7-year-old grandson’s remains in a livestock pen. He lived at the home with six siblings and his killers: his father and step-mother, Heather Jones.  The children were isolated there under the guise of homeschooling.
If our child protection agencies were truly functioning as intended this tragedy would never happen. Please remember Adrian by getting involved in your community and on Social Media to highlight the plague of pedophilia and child abuse that is killing our children.
News story on Adrian’s case.  http://www.ktnv.com/longform/exclusive-surveillance-footage-captures-last-days-of-tortured-kck-boys-life
Directions for participating in
Hashtags are; #Justice4Adrian and #MissingKidsDay shorter version of National Missing Children’s Day
Try to send out as many different tweets as possible for 2 hours, or as long as you are able to. We have created some pre-typed tweets below.
Please be advised that  you have a limit of 250 tweets per hour, if you go past that, twitter  may place you in “twitter jail” and you would not be able to tweet for  1-12 hours.
When a participating in a Tweetstorm, just come here and move down the list, copy each tweet and paste into your tweet box. Better: Create your own tweets from the links!
#ChildRape #Pedophilia #ChildAbuse is being revealed to be occurring in epidemic proportions. As Adrian’s case shows the very agencies charged with protecting our children (State Child agencies, FBI, Local Police, State and Federal Governments) are either ignoring or participating in the abuse of our children.
Knowing this horror exists,the moral responsibility lies with each one of us, to make the safety and wellbeing of our children the Number One priority in our lives. First step is to educate yourself that this evil can and does exist. Simply Google #ChildTrafficking #PedophiliaNetworks #TheFranklinCoverup #MissingDCGirls #ElitePedophiliaRings After educating yourself speak with family members, clergy, local police, local government, everybody and anybody that will listen. The only way this dark cancer will be eradicated is by each individual shining a bright light of truth until this darkness is fully exposed. This abomination cannot exist in the light of day
Tweets to copy and paste, or use your own pertaining to Child Abuse or Trafficking.
Include pictures of Adrian that are available.
‪Don’t let Adrian Jones death be in vain STOP Child abuse and Child Trafficking! ‬
‪#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay ‬
REMEMBER Adrian Jones May 25th NationalMissingChildrensDay
‪#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay
Help Adrian Jones family recover from this tragedy that SHOULD have been avoided! https://www.gofundme.com/in-loving-memory-of-adrian-jones #Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay May 25th.
#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay May 25th
Send Kansas Child Protective Services a message REMEMBER ADRIAN JONES! https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/3542791/adrian-jones-fed-to-pigs-told-child-services/
#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay 5-25-17
#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay Surveillance footage captures last days of boy fed to pigs http://www.ktnv.com/longform/exclusive-surveillance-footage-captures-last-days-of-tortured-kck-boys-life
2.Remember Adrian Jones May 25th NationalMissingChildrensDay http://fox4kc.com/2017/05/11/successive-series-of-alarms-raised-in-adrian-jones-abuse-investigation-whose-parents-are-serving-life-for-murder/ … #Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay
3.Don’t let Adrian Jones death be in vain STOP Child abuse and Child Trafficking! http://fox4kc.com/2017/05/11/successive-series-of-alarms-raised-in-adrian-jones-abuse-investigation-whose-parents-are-serving-life-for-murder/ … #Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay
4.#Justice4Adrian #NationalMissingChildrensDay Videos Appear to Show Horrific Abuse Boy Faced Before His Death http://www.onenewspage.com/video/20170508/7447731/Videos-Appear-to-Show-Horrific-Abuse-Boy-Faced.htm
5.#Justice4Adrian #NationalMissingChildrensDay CHILD SERVICES FAIL/COVER UP – The Boy Abused Then Fed To Pigs. https://youtu.be/Rxv-rcjW8DE
6.#Justice4Adrian Kristy Barnes: Charge Willie Flowers! Justice for Adrian! – Sign Petition! https://twitter.com/birdychirps/status/864322232029458433
7.#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay Life sentence for stepmom in death and ‘unbearable suffering’ http://www.thechildrenswalloftears.org/new/index.php/resources/articles/1335-adrian-jones-starved-to-death-apparently-fed-to-pigs
8.#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay New Details Emerge In Case of Boy Whose Body Was Allegedly Fed to Hogs https://twitter.com/WICKEDXWAYS1972/status/863497518759370753
9.#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay Adrian: The untold story of the boy fed to pigs https://youtu.be/GbEkt66OjEA
10.#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay ‘Daddy keeps hitting me’: Boy killed, told authorities about abuse http://myfox8.com/2017/05/12/daddy-keeps-hitting-me-boy-who-was-killed-fed-to-pigs-told-authorities-about-abuse/
11.#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay The untold story of the boy fed to pigs, part 2 http://www.onenewspage.com/video/20170503/7411767/The-untold-story-of-the-boy-fed-to.htm
12.#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay Adrian Jones: untold story of boy fed to pigs | REACTION https://youtu.be/WSzSp0ydiEs
13.#Justice4Adrian TORTURE #adrianjones SUFFERED WHY DID #DCF FAIL TO ACT? https://twitter.com/birdychirps/status/864308582061420548
14.#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay The untold story of the boy fed to pigs, part 3 http://www.onenewspage.com/video/20170504/7420258/The-untold-story-of-the-boy-fed-to.htm
15.#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay Boy abused & fed to SIGN PETITION https://twitter.com/michlynnc/status/860461602293862401
16.#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay Kansas man sentenced for killing son, 7, found among pigs http://www.cbsnews.com/news/kansas-man-sentenced-for-killing-son-7-found-among-pigs/
17.#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay Surveillance Footage Captures Last Days Of Boy Fed To Pigs! http://991kggi.iheart.com/onair/qui-west-56644/surveillance-footage-captures-last-days-of-15807954/
18.#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay Murdered 7 Year Old Complained To CPS 2 Years Before Being Fed To Pigs https://youtu.be/1Pmm-TfrkNs
19.#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay Documents say Adrian Jones told social worker about abuse https://youtu.be/7ctrbcyKrAU
21.#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay Stepmom of Missing 7-Yr-Old Boy Who Was Fed to Pigs is Arrested http://www.insideedition.com/headlines/13504-stepmom-of-missing-7-year-old-boy-who-was-reportedly-fed-to-pigs-is-arrested
22.#Justice4Adrian # Kansas dad admits he killed son fed to pigs http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/04/03/kansas-dad-admits-killed-son-fed-to-pigs.html
23.#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay Adrian Jones’ grandma reacts to Michael Jones’ sentence-life in prison http://www.kansascity.com/news/local/crime/article149363874.html
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26.#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay Videos reportedly show gruesome abuse before child was fed to pigs http://www.kmbc.com/article/videos-reportedly-show-gruesome-abuse-before-kck-child-was-fed-to-pigs/9579022
27.#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay Inside house of horrors-Boy 7, ‘murdered by father and stepmother http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3360017/Inside-home-Michael-Heather-Jones-accused-killing-7-year-old-child.html
28.#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay man receives life sentence for ‘beyond horrific’ killing, of 7-year-old http://globalnews.ca/tag/adrian-jones/
29.#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay Kansas Man Admits to Killing 7-Year-Old Found Near Pigs https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/kansas/articles/2017-03-31/kansas-man-admits-to-killing-7-year-old-found-near-pigs
30.#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay EXCLUSIVE: Evil father of 7-year-old Adrian Jones http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4477594/Horrific-images-tortured-Kansas-boy-Adrian-Jones.html
31.#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay Slain Kansas boy who was fed to pigs told authorities about abuse http://cjonline.com/news/2017-05-11/records-slain-kansas-boy-who-was-fed-pigs-told-missouri-authorities-about-abuse
32.#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay Videos reportedly show gruesome abuse of young boy who was fed to pigs http://www.torontosun.com/2017/04/28/videos-reportedly-show-gruesome-abuse-of-young-boy-who-was-fed-to-pigs
33.#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay ‘Imagine the screams,’ detective says as dad is sent to prison http://www.kansascity.com/news/local/crime/article149316569.html
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http://38.Help Adrian Jones family recover from this tragedy that SHOULD have been avoided! https://www.gofundme.com/in-loving-memory-of-adrian-jones #Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay May 25th.

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The Aaron Swartz Files


In 1986 Aaron Hillel Swartz was born in Highland Park Illinois to Susan and Robert Swartz. Aaron had two brothers Benjamin and Noah, his father who was the founder of the Mark Williams Company, given this, it’s easy to see where Aaron had adapted his love for technology. Robert Swartz bought the family a computer when Aaron was just 4 years old and by age 7 Aaron had coded a trivia game about the famed game Donkey Kong that he and his brother played regularly. Aaron embodied the Net as if it was part of him or an extension of his being, from a young age the Net was his safe place, a place where his age or popularity had no relevance only the intellectual views and opinions of his extraordinary mind were valued. Aaron was helping to build Creative Commons as young as age 9. He was a prodigy, a kid genius, we knew at that time he would change the world, but I don’t think anyone could have imagined Aaron would touch each every one of our lives the way he did.asfiles333333333

At  just age 13 Aaron was awarded the ArsDigita Prize which is awarded to young people who create “useful, educational and collaborative” non-commercial websites. Less than a year later at age 14, he was a member of the working group that authored RSS which uses a family of websites to publish frequently updated information including blog entries, news headlines, audio, and videos. RSS enables publishers to syndicate data automatically.


Aaron founded Infogami which later merged with the popular social news site Reddit and watchdog.net, help create DeadDrop and created web.py. In 2010, he founded DemandProgress.org and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee to rally the internet masses behind stopping SOPA and PIPA from passing into law, he opened doors that had long been closed behind PACER and freed information on a massive scale with The Internets Open Archive. He completed a fellowship at Harvard’s Ethics Center Lab on Institutional Corruption. To say he’s a hero is a gross understatement, what little exist of our Internet Privacy today is due in large part to the sacrifices Aaron made to defend the fragile existence that is our internet privacy. He risked his freedom along with everything he ever held close to him and volunteered to become a martyr for information, to me personally Aaron Swartz is a Saint, he dangled himself in front of a wolf in sheep’s clothing better known as our Justice System, not for personal profits or political hoopla nor his own secret agenda he did all this, for us.


These are the Arron Swartz Files

I personally have investigated this case since the day it happened I remember waking up to alerts chiming, I checked my messages and found out that Aaron had committed suicide, yes that Aaron the inspiration to every aspect of the WEDA Coalition was gone, the extraordinary machine that was his heart was no longer beating. I was beside myself, Aaron brought a lot of us hope and when they took him from us that hope was lost as well. Was this the United States goal all along? To stymie a revolution? SOPA or the Stop Online Piracy Act which if passed would have everlasting negative effects on our internet privacy. Thankfully Aaron founded DemandProgress.org and led the charge against the Motion Picture Association of America the largest political PAC’s in existence. Which set up a David v.s. Goliath battle for the ages with Aaron Swartz riling up the Internet masses to vote against SOPA and the Motion Picture Association of America who was pumping obscene amounts of money into getting SOPA passed into law clashing, MPAA failed miserably because people hit the streets in protest and slowly but surely the congressional approval of SOPA was reversed by the will of the People.


In being that voice behind the failure of a Bill in which billions of dollars were invested, Aaron became a target as did others like Kim Dot Com and countless other people who were doing nothing but utilizing their voices to condemn gross violations of our privacy rights. Aaron was placed on a list no different from a Terror Watchlist, he was hunted, harassed and subpoenaed into debt not mention the public embarrassment of his trial and the morbid thought of being labeled a felon. All these could be seen as viable reasons why such an extraordinary machine would choose to turn himself off, but it is in my personal opinion that although these are things that caused him great pain I do not believe that Aaron would kill himself for reasons such as the ones mentioned. I reject the notion that he was depressed before his death and deem this to be a story peddled by the establishment to weaken their own faults in the death of Aaron Swartz.


First Chair prosecutor, in this case, was a woman by the name of Carmen Ortiz a brutish predator and relentless character assassin who belittled and drained Aaron mentally, physically and financially. In researching this case you would think Aaron stole millions from the Federal Reserve, I would argue the information he was freeing and the close doors that the government has had sealed shut for a long time, that he was opening were far more threatening than the $5.000 in damages he caused to both MIT and JSTOR combined. It’s preposterous to proclaim that this case was about damages, it was about chopping the proverbial “head off the snake” and the “snake” was the movement that Aaron was starting, about the knowledge he was freeing and about the words he spoke, not for one second was this case ever about hacking or protecting MIT’s network it was always about turning off the extraordinary machine we knew as Aaron Swartz. Quinn Norton while being interrogated by FBI agents looked them in their eyes and said “You guys are on the wrong side of history” I would like to further that and say that the DOJ and MIT are also both on the wrong side of history.

“A vivid illustration that bureaucracies, once they get started, continue doing whatever mindless thing they’ve been set up to do, regardless of whether the people in them particularly want to do it or whether it’s even a good idea.” – Aaron Swartz

as files 567676879809

Fall of 2010

Aaron Swartz began downloading documents from JSTOR using MIT’s network, however, MIT did not know the identity of the of the person or group involved in downloading reams of data from JSTOR’s network. MIT claims Aaron engaged in this activity on three occasions that MIT had documented involving millions of JSTOR documents being downloaded from MIT’s server. MIT at the time was actively trying to locate and identify the person or group responsible because downloads of this scale from MIT violated the license agreement JSTOR and MIT had. According to court documents, MIT’s network was used by someone at MIT, presumably Aaron on September the 25th and the 26th. Also on October 9th and for an extended period between November of 2010 and January 6th the same day Aaron was arrested. Before his arrest he kept accessing JSTOR’s network and downloading files at what a JSTOR technician said was an “abnormal” rate they blocked Aarons IP address from being able to access their database on three separate occasions that coincide with the documented times Aaron used MIT’s network to download files from JSTOR, first on September 26th, 2010 then on October 2nd, 2010 and on January 4th 2011 two days prior to his arrest. The event in October led to JSTOR blocking access as a whole to MIT’s network for three full days, downloading files from JSTOR’s database using MIT’s network at such a massive volume raised a “profound” risk to JSTOR’s network and violated the licensing agreement between MIT and JSTOR. All these facts are evident and should be uniformly accepted, but JSTOR censored Aaron and censoring a pirate is just as bad as stealing their gold, Did Aaron violate JSTOR’s terms of services? Yes, but so do you when you say your 5’8′” and you really are 5’9″ and you sign up for some dating site. Aaron wasn’t stealing documents to make a bookstore he was doing it to free information. The question isn’t whether or not Aaron committed a felony when he downloaded more 80% of JSTOR’s database, it’s whether or not he was on the right or the wrong side in history when he committed this “crime”.


January 6th, 2011

Aaron Swartz is arrested in Massachusetts by Cambridge police next to the campus of MIT. He was charged with breaking and entering which is a felony, Aaron makes bail shortly thereafter. July 14th, 2011 nearly 7 months later Aaron Swartz is indicted on six counts in Middlesex Superior Court and 4 counts in Federal court on two separate occasions, on July 14th, 2011 and November 18th, 2011. The government dragging court proceedings on and on is a common tactic but just because it’s common doesn’t make it any less disgusting. It’s mentally debilitating to have the weight of the United States Department of Justice sitting on your chest for any amount of time, but they purposefully drag out cases only to weaken the prey they are hunting, they make sure they are that heavy burden your shoulders will never be able to shake. to be indicted by the Federal government is in of itself psychological war being launched on you and everything you love.



March 8th, 2011

The state of Massachusetts dropped their 6 count indictment and the Federal indictment was superseded the revised indictment was an astonishing 13 count federal indictment. A 13 count federal indictment and he didn’t hurt a fly, he didn’t harm MIT or JSTOR’s network, the files he took were being used for profit, a means for in which these Academic Journals were never meant to be used for, but Aaron is the criminal? I beg of any law professor to please underline for me where Aarons acts justify the actions carried out by the Office of Carmen Ortiz and the DOJ as a whole?


October 5th, 2012

In a court document, Swartz claimed MIT violated its own policy by providing the Secret Service with details and logs of his activity without warrant or subpoena. MIT’s lawyers argued that they did not violate their own policy because their private policy did not include the word “any” when speaking of data in their private policy, sad thing is they won their petty argument which only goes on to further the blatant corruption filled crusade that was launched on Aaron Swartz and his family.


November 16th, 2012

The government files their response, Judge Nathaniel M. Gordon ruled that the personal data about Aaron’s comings and goings on MIT’s network are not to be thrown out and will be heard in full. It’s at this moment that I believe in my own personal opinion that Aaron felt the wind was being taken out of his sails before the trial even began. It’s demonically ironic that Aaron was being prosecuted for in a sense violating private policy or terms and conditions of JSTOR and MIT, but it’s perfectly justifiable for MIT to violate their own policies?


December 2nd, 2012

Aaron filed a response simply asking the court for more time to give his rebuttal to the government’s response in which Judge Nathaniel M. Gordon granted him and the trial was postponed another month. Although it is Swartz asking for more time in this instance we have to take into account just how long the DOJ and more specifically the office of Carmen Ortiz has dragged this case on. Aaron was arrested in 2010, Aaron’s last submitted court document was December 2nd, 2012 nearly 3 years later. Why is the DOJ dragging Aaron’s case on and on? To weaken him financially, mentally and physically. I will point out once again that this was never a case about damages especially when those damages only amount to 5,000 dollars, this was a witch hunt, a common era crusade dead set on burning Aaron at the stake and making an example out of him not on finding justice by any means or protecting MIT’s network.

Friday, January 11th, 2013


“The tragic and heartbreaking information you received is, regrettably, true,” -Aaron Swartz’s attorney Elliot R. Peters told The Tech

In the early hours of this dreadful Friday in January Aaron Swartz flipped the switch off on the extraordinary machine that was his life, why he did this will be a mystery we all take to our own graves. I’m certain I have never asked myself why so many times in a single day before. Aaron always finished what he started and when we look at all he started we must conclude that Aaron was not done. It is up to us to finish what he started, to complete his projects and to never ever let his name be forgotten.


It is in this coalition’s collective opinion that Aaron Swartz is not with us today because of the actions carried out by the United States Department of Justice and it’s horrible continuous systematically feigning justice system. Who sought nothing else but to destroy who we now know as “The Internets Own Boy” and his family, to bankrupt them and deprive them of their own peace of mind whilst violating the sovereignty of their privacy as a whole, they were no longer citizens, they were targets. Why were many of Aaron’s friends and family interrogated by FBI agents? In a case where the prosecution offered six months jail time? I would say an “abnormal” rate and not because he stole money or credit card numbers, he stole academic journals, journals that were never published for profit, these journals are still being monopolized by this one site, JSTOR. Why should knowledge cost a penny? Is it because the powers that be want us to be stupid sheep blindly being led to slaughter?


MIT is equally if not more responsible for the death of Aaron and this Coalition is collectively disgusted by your actions. How dare, an Institute such as yourselves disband such an extraordinary person? To literally stop the evolution of technology and the freedoms of information in their tracks instead of being the driving force behind them? After what you did to Aaron that is your legacy, a mere establishment University being puppets to the powers that be. With just one piece of paper, you could have ended this crusade before it began instead you consciously chose to vilify Aaron even though the total damages to MIT and JSTOR combined was only $5,000. Any and all active administration officials at MIT during the Aaron Swartz case lied to the Swartz family when they told the Swartz family personally, that they had been subpoenaed, which is why they gave Aarons personal MIT login times. Court records show MIT was subpoenaed after Aaron Swartz was arrested. MIT lied to the Swartz family and the public when they claimed they had no contact with the U.S. DA’s office yet later admitted that they asked the government for no jail time in Swartz’s case, which would mean that MIT had conversations with the prosecutor about how much time Aaron Swartz should or shouldn’t receive. That Hal Abelson’s own inquiry proves MIT lied to the public and Hal Abelson purposefully deceived the public in his inquiry. With no due respect, your investigation was not independent and heavily steered away from chastising MIT at all which is why president Rafael Reif would announce in advance that the inquiry would be made public leaving it to be forever tainted in the public eye because the thought of MIT publicly criticizing themselves is laughable. MIT failed to secure what they claim is a restricted closet, it underlines laughing-out-loud at security, to prosecute Aaron for pointing out the flaws and outright stupidity that is MIT’s network is redundantly inhumane. Hacking was born on the very network you boldly stand by, you hold hackathons, teach students how to pick locks, ordain your institution on the pursuit of furthering technology, you invite free thought and expression, your institute is sought by aspiring students who believe in these values and you shattered all of that in one heinous act, MIT should feel nothing, but shame and complicity in the death of Aaron Swartz.

To the Swartz Family

Aaron was a lot of things to many of us, but he was yours first. Everything the world thinks they may know about Aaron, you know more. All of our collective pain combined is a fraction of the pain you feel, you created a child that turned the world upside down whilst speeding up its evolution. Your son may not be here today, but what he created will always be here, the codes he wrote are used on a daily basis, he created a perpetually growing legacy and if something is growing, then it can not be dead. It is our duty and our moral imperative to finish what Aaron started, to continue to pursue the freedoms of information and protect our Internet as we know it because “Information is power. But like all power, there are those who want to keep it for themselves.”


By @Dapeaple

We the people

Exuding free speech

Deserve nothing less than