Who is The WEDA Coalition?

WEDA was founded in 2011 by Ifbehtkcuf, Zaybian and Joziah all three where students at the New England Adolescent Research Institution in the Flats of Holyoke Massachusetts which has seen a name change but is the same hell hole. We are not a news agency we are a truth agency, an open access of information through multiple contributors all from different backgrounds and with different views, we are a true independent organization. All documents created and or posted are not edited, by edited we mean you will never be told you can’t write that or this is to sensitive because we believe the rawest words will be the truest. We are an open platform you can contribute to simply by direct messaging our official Twitter account @Dapeaple and providing your email. You will then be sent a link to create your WEDA login. We are not Anons nor do we have any collaboration or cohesiveness with the group Anonymous, we simply have members of our Coalition who may or may not be members of Anonymous 😀 and we support Anonymous’s mission to a free and open minded society. Ifbehtkcuf is our expert on on the religion of anonymity. Zaybian is our encryption, coding and data expert. Joziah is our independent investigative journalist and Head of Media Relations. We don’t have any members officially but do to the protections we put in place to protect ones absolute anonymity, it is not known how many members we have.


In 2014 The WEDA Coalition became public and began actively recruiting other members in two years we became international with members from 20 different countries. Including researchers, journalist, activist, former military, retired and active hackers, whistleblowers and truth-seekers. Together we are The WEDA CoalItion.

 By Zaybian

We the people

 Exuding free speech

Deserve nothing less than



                        Fides Infinitum

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